Zoning Inspector: Robert Hackett 517-206-6947

Building Inspector: Robert Hackett 517-206-6947

Electrical Inspector: William Patteuw, 517-902-4205

Mechanical and/or Plumbing: Questions can be directed to 517-241-9313

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seneca township permits

Land Division Application

Seneca township forms

Burn Permits – Please Contact the City of Morenci at 517-458-6828 ext. 129

Prior to Contacting the Building Inspector, you MUST obtain Zoning approval!

Zoning Compliance Form

Seneca township forms

Building Permit Check List

Building Permit

Seneca township forms

Electrical Permit

Electrical fee Updated 6/10/19

Seneca township permits

Plumbing Permits*

Seneca township forms

Mechanical Permits*

Seneca township forms

Seneca township permits

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